Kerala Lottery Winning Statistics, Tricks, Tips and Numbers

Lottery is a game of luck. However, your perspective towards “luck” might change soon after reading this article. Let us bring you some of the most interesting Kerala state lottery winning statistics and numbers. Even a regular lottery player will agree that lottery is just a game of luck and not a skill. However, with some of the statistic and numbers mentioned here, you might start believing in skills. For example, are likely over 874+ times PALAKKAD district people has won the lottery since 2012. There are some specific lottery numbers which are announced for more than 32 times. Still believe in luck, eh?

Perhaps, lottery is all about a number game. Following Kerala lottery winning numbers often gets selected and you might be surprised to know how many times those numbers have been selected. However, you should never consider them as our recommendation, NEVER. Educated guessing is always better than merely depending on luck . We all are often obsessed with specific numbers, colors and alphabets and relate them with our good luck. Here we enlist 4 digit numbers of lottery tickets that have been repeated too often to get unnoticed. If you are a regular Kerala state lottery ticket buyer, then these repeated winning numbers may lure you and who knows they might get selected again.

Note: We request our readers to not consider these as our recommendation.


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