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Welcome to unofficial Kerala lottery results portal! We’re a dedicated portal aims to help people who have bought lottery from the Kerala government’s official vendors. There are various types of lottery available to purchase. You can explore them in the category section given on the sidebar. In a nutshell, lotteryresultstoday, will cover various lotteries including but not limited to Kerala, Sikkim, Nepal and Mizoram. Since all of them are offered from the government of the respective states, you can be sure of getting your prize money. If you are looking for Kerala lottery results, then this is the right place for you! Get latest Kerala lottery results from our site and other useful information like draws and winning numbers which may increase your chance of winning.

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Check Kerala lottery results

Kerala’s state-run lottery has fascinated Keralites since its inception. They have started investing heavily as it is run by authorities. Bumper lottery gives them a chance to win Crores rupees. Mega lottery can even get you a whopping Rs. 50 crore cash. Make sure you check all the information before purchasing the lottery. The intention behind the creation of is to provide a facility to the users to check Kerala lottery results online very quickly.

For detailed information of Karunya lottery, click on the website of Karunya. You will also find the Kerala lottery results published in the Kerala Government Gazette on

Thanks to the Kerala lottery department, small lottery agents are now generating significant amount of revenue for state and state is generating good employment for poor and middle class men who earn their living by selling lottery tickets.

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History of Kerala lottery

History of lottery dates back to ancient times in India. Lottery has been an integral part of Indian culture and society in some of other form. Previously, Indian rajas (Kings) were used to play in exchange of their property and even wives. In a modern India, Indians passionately try their luck with lottery tickets. It is all about calculated risk that one need to take. Perhaps, this is the reason why it is highly recommended that you keep checking this blog to get regular updates every week/month. Kerala state lottery is the first of its kind in India. It was initiated by the government of Kerala under the separate lottery department. Kerala state lottery is the brain child of the then finance minister, late Shri P.K. Kunju Sahib. He designed the idea of generating non tax revenue for the state from the sale of lotteries. Besides generating revenue for state, it aimed at providing an additional income source for the common people. The idea became successful and has gradually grown since then. A staggering record setting profit of Rs. 681.76 crores was noted in 2012-13 by the Kerala state lottery. The department of Kerala state lotteries is a flourishing commerce now with more than 400 employees at Thiruvananthapuram and 14 district offices at Ernakulam.

Kerala state lotteries – Weekly lotteries and Bumper draws

Here are the weekly lotteries of Kerala for tickets worth Rs. 20/-, Rs. 30/- or Rs. 50/-. Get Kerala lottery results of these draws on our website:

  1. Win-Win – Monday
  2. Dhanasree – Tuesday
  3. Akshaya – Wenesday
  4. Karunya plus – Thursday
  5. Bhagyanidhi – Friday
  6. Karunya – Saturday
  7. Pournami – Sunday

Prizes are awarded to the ticket buyer with the all ticket numbers in common of the winning number. Moreover, other prizes are also awarded for specific lesser amounts like 5 lacs, 1 lac, 10,000 etc. for specific digits having drawn for specific number of times or for certain digits having common in the winning number. You can download the prize structure in pdf format from the official websites of the Kerala state lotteries.

Also see at glance the bumper lotteries of Kerala. These Bumper lottery tickets are worth Rs. 100/- and Rs. 200/- and generally floated during special occasions or festivals.

  • Vishu – during May (Vishu festival)
  • Pooja – for Durga Pooja in November
  • Monsoon – in July
  • Thiruvonam – during September to mark Onam
  • X’mas – after Christmas week in January
  • Summer – in March

Likewise all other fields, Kerala lottery has also gone tech-savvy and modernized and no more a rustic affair. Even the lottery tickets are designed by expert professional artists and the Kerala lottery results are published on Kerala gazette and also published online in pdf format over the official websites of the Kerala state government for lotteries. Due to this makeover in Kerala state lottery, more and more people are able to reach the Kerala lottery results from anywhere at any time from their devices.

Stay with us to get latest Kerala lottery results online and get to know you luck. We  keep providing all the possible hints and information so you stand a chance to win the lottery. Of course, we do not give any assurance. Such data is provided from the past record and is more of a wild guess than a prediction. In addition, if you would like us to include any information on the blog, then do let us know. We are always here to provide more information to our readers so they get the what they need.